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JUNE 1,2020

Your health and the health of our staff is of the Utmost Concern

The Covid-19 virus is infectious both by aerosolization and by being present on surfaces.  The virus becomes infectious by the particles entering the body by the mouth, nose, and eyes.  So, what can each of us do to protect ourselves and others? And, how is this going to change office processes for both the clients and the staff?

Due to aerosol spread, masks are the first line of defense.  A properly placed mask helps prevent you from projecting virus particles (if present) toward other people and helps prevent you from breathing in particles put “out there” by other people.  The mask must completely cover the nose and mouth to work properly.  We understand that it is hard to breath and to talk and sometimes its hard to hear and information may need to be repeated.  A poorly positioned mask is as good as no mask at all. 

To lessen the length of “face to face” contact, many of our usual processes, such as filling out papers and updating information in the chart will now be done by phone.  So, you can expect more calls from the office before your appointment to get this done in a safe manner.  You will also be quizzed often as to temperature and potential symptoms.  If you have any symptoms or a temp above 100 degrees, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and follow up with your PCP.  When you have symptoms nasal swab testing may be appropriate, as directed by your PCP.  All our staff is screened daily for temp and symptoms, so you can be assured that no one potentially contagious will be working in the office.  When procedures are to be done close to the face, face shields and masks will be worn by the providers for extra protection both directions.

Hand washing or sanitizing the hands frequently is important so people do not get the viral particles on hands and transmit to the face.  Do not forget cell phones—they are dirty, and you should clean them as often as you clean your hands.

We don’t recommend gloves, people think that the gloves keep your hands clean, which they do, but then the person touches all sorts of things, doesn’t change gloves after each touching of things and then touches their face or mask or hair and transfers the virus.  Overall, your hands are cleaner and safer with very frequent hand washing or sanitizer.  Medical professionals use gloves to do ONE task then take them off and throw them away and use hand sanitizer. Gloves can make you complacent about truly keeping your hands clean.

Todays new normal is vastly different because of Covid-19.  We take all these issues seriously and are working collaboratively with all parties to provide medical and elective care that is safe for all parties.

Our office staff will be calling to reschedule appointments that have been postponed.  Due to the need for more time in between patients for cleaning, for the foreseeable future, we will be seeing less patients daily compared to previously.  Just to help understand why you may not be rescheduled as quickly as you might have expected.  Please plan to come about 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to facilitate screening and getting into the exam room in an expeditious manner.  Please do not bring any extra people with you unless they are absolutely needed for your safety.  We will be minimizing people in the waiting area and in the exam rooms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office for more information at 978-462-8300




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